Young woman in high-tech communications lab

Women in Tech in spotlight at Nokia during Ada Lovelace Day

In celebration of the Ada Lovelace Day on October 13, Nokia began an annual tradition of shining a light on talented women within Nokia’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) community.

To determine the honorees of the year all business groups within Nokia nominate trail blazing women highlighting their achievements followed by shortlisting and selection by Nokia’s Employee Resource Group representatives. The honorees are invited to talk on internal and external events, on International Women’s Day events and mentor young graduates.

2019 Ada Lovelace Honoree was Dr. Katherine Guo from Bell Labs Murray Hill, who mentors Ph.D. candidates and high-school students beyond her academic achievements. In 2020, we recognized Anne Lee, an accomplished telecom veteran and Bell Labs Fellow since 2005 with over 30 years of experience and Paola Galli, who has made a remarkable journey in the field of Silicon Photonics.

We also featured the story of Mary Ann Horton, born as Mark, who got her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Berkeley and worked for Bellabs before her retirement. For years she advocated for corporate Equal Opportunity policies to include gender identity and expression. Once that was well under way, she shifted to advocating for Transgender Health Benefits.