What is #ChangeTheFace?

#ChangeTheFace is an industry-wide initiative calling on change makers to join and take action to increase diversity and equality in the sector. The campaign launched in March 2020 and has since built a community of individuals and organisations who can be a force for positive change within the industry.

For the technology sector to reach its full social and economic potential, it needs to more fairly reflect the world in which we operate. As a collection of some of the world’s largest technology companies, we are all too aware of the bias and lack of diversity in the industry today – from the C-suite to entry-level developers. We need to act quickly to rectify this, as the resulting lack of inclusion affects not just employment but the design of the goods and services that the industry creates.

What is the #ChangeTheFace Alliance?

To accelerate change and increase impact, we need to work together as an industry. The #ChangeTheFace Alliance is an informal collective of likeminded thought-leading technology companies who collaborate to make the tech industry a more inclusive place. The alliance has worked to create a set of Guiding Principles which set out how we aim to change the face of technology going forward.

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How can you get involved?

To build a fair, equal and inclusive digital future, we need your help. You can join us in pledging to change the technology industry for the better, by ensuring the expansion of diversity in digital roles at your company and across all aspects of the sector.

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Are you searching for best practices and proof points to #ChangeTheFace? Explore Our Guiding Principles to #ChangeTheFace of Technology page.

» Our Guiding Principles

The technology sector has a diversity problem.

We know that there is bias and a lack of diversity and inclusion across almost every touchpoint in the technology industry – whether it’s access to tech jobs, advertising, product design or the language of technology. For the technology sector to reach its full social and economic potential, it needs to more fairly reflect the world in which we operate.

#ChangeTheFace aims to actively encourage companies and individuals across the globe to consider how they can make tech more inclusive, and make a personal commitment to positive change. It builds on our work to increase equality and inclusion for customers, colleagues and communities over the last decade.

By working together, we can all make a difference. Let’s change the face of the industry and build a digital future that works for everyone.


Thanks for applying to join the #ChangeTheFace movement! Together we can create a more inclusive technology community. One of our team will be in touch with you in due course.

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Apply to join the #ChangeTheFace Alliance and become a positive force for change. Let’s work together as an industry to create a better, more inclusive future.

Latest pledges

“I pledge to speak out publicly to help people from different genders and backgrounds progress in their careers.”

Corrinne M

“I will push my organisation to include partners of different genders and from all backgrounds in its supply chain.”

Jude M

“I pledge to expand my speaker and mentoring activity around gender equality in the marketing industry to the tech industry.”

Katrina L

“I will work more closely with schools and universities to promote STEM careers to younger people.”

Paul O