What is #ChangeTheFace?

#ChangeTheFace is a new industry-wide initiative calling on changemakers to join and take action to increase diversity and equality in the sector. It aims to build a community of individuals and organisations who can be a force for positive change within the industry.

#ChangeTheFace builds on Vodafone’s work to increase equality and inclusion for customers, colleagues, communities and co-partners over the last decade.

Why are we doing it?

For the technology sector to reach its full social and economic potential, it needs to more fairly reflect the world in which we operate.

As one of the world’s largest technology and communications companies, we are all too aware of the bias and lack of diversity in the industry today – from the C-suite to entry-level developers. We need to act quickly to rectify this, as the resulting lack of inclusion affects not just employment but the design of the goods and services that the industry creates. A more diverse workforce inevitably leads to better products that can address a wider range of customers and a digital future that works for everyone.

How can you get involved?

To build a fair, equal and inclusive digital future, we need your help. You can join us in pledging to change the technology industry for the better, by ensuring the expansion of diversity in digital roles at your company and across all aspects of the sector.

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