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Setting targets, increasing the number of women at Nokia

Nokia has set itself an ambition for its inclusion and diversity to become vital competitive differentiators for the company. We have set ourselves three targets: Creating a culture of high inclusion; diversifying our talent pool through attracting, developing, and retaining talent; and being the preferred choice for customers & investors by role modelling best I&D practices. 

Each of these targets have their specific KPIs.

Culture of high inclusion. In alignment with the Nokia essentials (Open, Fearless and Empowered), we have defined the inclusive behaviors we want to see our people role-model. This allows us to measure the inclusivity of our employees and leaders in a yearly inclusion survey. Each business group is measured based on their inclusion score and the I&D measures and agendas are subject to updates according to the survey outcomes.

Diversifying the talent pool. Our senior leadership has a target of improving the gender balance through aspiring a minimum of 1% YoY increase in the representation of female talent amongst our global external recruits. We are targeting a minimum of 26% female hires in global external recruits by the end of 2021, contributing to the strength of our female leadership pipeline.

Preferred choice for customers & investors by role-modelling best I&D practices. To keep ourselves honest and to transparently share our progress with customers and investors, we continuously benchmark our activities externally. We participate in the Nordic Diversity Index, Workplace Pride, and Bloomberg Gender Equality, which transparently shows our scores on the various gender balance areas. We also ask our investors to rate Nokia’s I&D practices in the yearly Nokia Investor Survey. In 2020, Nokia investors rated Nokia’s I&D efforts as 4.2 on a scale of 1–5.