Across the world, millions of girls lack the information, connections, tools and services they need through mobile. Many of the everyday issues that affect them – relationships, contraception and gender-based violence – are often too sensitive to talk about openly, if at all. Boys are also one and a half times more likely to own a mobile phone than girls.

In 2018, Vodafone Foundation partnered with Girl Effect to empower 7 million girls across seven countries with access to the information, inspiration and services they need through mobile and digital technology. The four year partnership set out to reach adolescent girls across India, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Mozambique.

Girl Effect and Vodafone Foundation have worked together to develop digital tools, products and content that meet girls where they are – creating online spaces for girls to ask questions, find information and connect to services and each other – whatever level of phone or data access they have.

Through the partnership, Girl Effect and Vodafone Foundation carried out a first of its kind global study – Girls and Mobile – looking at adolescent girls’ access to a use of mobile. Girl Effect launched two new mobile-led brands designed for girls in Tanzania (Tujibebe) and India (Chhaa Jaa) reaching more than 10m in two years. Girl Effect’s global digital brand Springster evolved with the launch of Big Sis, an AI powered chatbot which 45,000 girls in South Africa have contacted for factual, non judgmental advice about sex and relationships.

To date, more than 13.7 million girls have engaged in content designed to connect with them about their health, education, employability and family relationships.