Samsung: Social Mobility Gap Can Shrink If Britain’s Youth Are Given Grassroots Opportunities To Thrive in Tech

Samsung Research recently surveyed 1,000 young individuals, revealing a noteworthy trend in career aspirations and ambitions among millennials. The findings underscore a significant concern – 20% of young people expressed hesitancy in pursuing a career if they lacked personal connections within that field, shedding light on the crucial role of role models in inspiring this demographic.

The survey also delved into the confidence and innovative spirit of young minds in the technological landscape. Nearly half of the respondents, a notable 47%, firmly believed that their ideas could make a substantial technological impact on the world. However, a common thread emerged – the need for the right support. A lack of robust support networks and sound advice emerged as a critical factor hindering these young talents from fully realising their potential and contributing innovative ideas.

Despite these challenges, 76% of respondents firmly believed in the untapped potential within the younger demographic, particularly in its ability to positively influence the tech industry. This optimism, coupled with the acknowledgement of obstacles, paints a nuanced picture of the aspirations and challenges faced by today’s youth in technology.

As part of Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow award-winning initiative that empowers the next generation of visionaries through education, partners and technology, 16-25-year-olds across the UK and Ireland are invited to submit their ideas that address a problem within the area of Education, Sustainability, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and Health & Wellbeing for the chance to take part in a series of workshops, receive invaluable mentorship from Samsung employees and industry experts, and win a coveted £10,000 top prize.

This initiative is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to empowering youth, providing them a platform to channel their ideas into meaningful solutions while contributing to positive change in key societal areas. Aspiring visionaries are encouraged to seize this opportunity, leveraging their creativity and passion to make a lasting impact on the world.

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