Diversifying Digital: What motivates women to learn and work in digital

In order to have a more diverse digital workforce to benefit our economy and society, we need to understand what would motivate more people to study or work in digital.

While there is a need for much broader diversity in digital, we have focussed this new research on women. Despite many interventions and activities to date, there is still a lack of women training and working in digital. By actively listening to women’s views, we hope to better understand their motivations and take corresponding enabling action.

This research – completed by the Institute of Coding and Deloitte in 2019 and 2020 – suggests that women at different stages in their education and careers see the digital sector as exciting, innovative and creative. Digital is seen by women to offer varied and interesting work and a chance to make a positive difference in the world, as well as an industry that offers the prospect of good salaries and career progression. The research also suggests that we can help overcome perceptions that may inhibit women from choosing digital jobs or training, such as not knowing how to retrain, or believing they lack the right qualifications.

Read the full article at: https://instituteofcoding.org/diversifying-digital-what-motivates-women-to-learn-and-work-in-digital/